This term Mr Daley’s Year 8 Geography (Globalisation) class has been introduced to a class of students in a South Korean Foreign Language High School through video conferencing sessions. Eight periods per term will be allocated to this project where our students can learn about the Korean lifestyle and they can learn about our Australian culture.

This program has been set up through the UNE and is being run for both primary and secondary schools. The Korean students speak several languages including Korean (of course), Japanese, Chinese, English, French and Spanish so we are sure they will be able to master some of our colloquialisms.

It is envisaged that later in the year the schools will exchange parcels containing items that typify their country.

Mr Daley said that “The students seem to be enjoying the video conference experience and are really engaged when it comes to researching and preparing their presentations for the Korean students”.

So far there have been three presentations. The first VC was on Australian culture, the second on environmental issues and the third on sport in Australia. The Korean class will be presenting on the upcoming winter Olympics in Korea in 2018.

It is a great initiative and one that we feel sure the boys will benefit from.