On 18th May eight boys from Year 8 attended Armidale University to compete in the annual Year 8 Mathematics Day which is the largest competition of its type in Australia. The focus of the day is to promote students working together to solve a diverse range of mathematical problems, as well as have them interact with students from other schools across the region.

There was a total of 50 teams competing; Farrer took two teams with Team number 1 consisting of Michael Lewington, Zac Walters, Charlie Williams and Ilki Boyraz and Team number 2 of Angus Toole, David Nassim, Max Irwin and Tom Lesslie.

The students competed in many challenges/games such as: head to head, filling in patterns and tower construction. In the end with all our points tallied up the Farrer Team Number 2 was awarded second place.

Thank you to Mr Burges and Mr Wade for taking the boys up to Armidale University.