Our Year 11 legal Studies class travelled down to the Newcastle Court Complex on 20th March to learn more about the NSW court system. On arrival at the court house we were met by a guide who showed us around for the day. We were lucky enough to meet with District Court Judge Bright who ran us through a criminal trial role play. In this role play we heard that Mr Daley was accused of stealing three cheese burgers and a thick shake from the local McDonalds and holding staff and customers at gun point. The jury (made up of the Legal Studies students) reached a verdict of guilty. Judge Bright then sentenced Mr Daley to 2 years imprisonment.

After this we headed down to the Local Court to watch a case about a man who was accused of domestic abuse of his partner. The man had pleaded not guilty and we observed the trial. In the beginning the case was a little slow and hard to comprehend, but as the case progressed so did the engagement from the boys. A highlight of the case was when the accused was asked “Did you take your partner’s phone?” Simple question you would think. The accused replied with “Is it really her phone if I pay for it”. Hmm good point? I don’t know to be honest.

At the end of the day we went to Newcastle University and met with a local barrister and talked about the case we had just seen, law in general and how different cases are heard in different courts. After the fire alarm went off we had to evacuate the building so we thanked our tour guide and drove back to Tamworth. I would like to thank Mr Daley and Mr Saban for taking us on our excursion.

By Brock Dunn (Year 11)