Driving rain, muddy puddles, drizzle, wind and obstacles – nothing deterred our runners from reaching the finish line.

Good on you boys, men and ladies too, on a job well done! Congratulations to Oxley  – the winning house on the day.

Race Place Name House
12 Years Champion Thomas Lesslie Ma
Runner up Thomas Gallagher Pe
13 Years Champion Max Rumble Ma
Runner up Mitchell Wilson Pe
14 Years Champion Joey Mead Ox
Runner up Tom Nash Pa
15 Years Champion Cameron Williams Ox
Runner up Nick Chisholm Pe
16 Years Champion Trent Taylor Pe
Runner up Blake Russell Pe
17 Years Champion Charlie Shadwell Pe
Runner up Angus Brown Pe
Junior Champion Max Rumble Ma
Senior Champion Trent Taylor Pe
House Points

Oxley                    340

Parkes                  330

Peel                      327

Macarthur            227