During week two of term two the Farrer students participated in numerous activities to help them improve and recognise overall student Well-Being, further their understanding of beneficial life skills and the importance of making positive choices.

There were many seminars run by special guests culminating with a whole day of activities on Friday.

Some of the topics covered throughout the week included:

Year 12 Rural Resilience, Domestic Violence, Relaxation, TAFE options and HSC study preparation

Year 11 Rural Resilience, Domestic Violence and HSC study techniques

Year 10 Driver Education and Batyr Mental Health Awareness

Year 9    Talk-out- Aloud Resilience Program and Save-A-Mate Drug Education

Year 8    Save-A-Mate Drug Education and Safety Awareness from the NSW Ambulance Service

Year 7    Drug Education, Resilience Program, Cancer Council Awareness, Texting/Cyber Safety and Farrer Friends

The verbal feedback on the activities and guest speakers has been excellent. Students and teachers are being surveyed to ascertain the benefit of such programs and any constructive feedback about the activities would be appreciated. Please feel free to email either of the Head Teachers Welfare: Charlie Colclough or Tristan Jones

Charles.colclough@det.nsw.edu.au or Tristan.jones8@det.nsw.edu.au

It is envisaged that similar programs will run in the future, so if you know of any guest speakers/presenters who would add value to such a program feel free to contact the school to let us know.


‘eraced’ is an organisation based in Toowoomba. They came to Well Being Week and presented to Years 8, 9, 10 and 11. Their message is ‘stamp out racism one story at a time’