The NSW Schools Constitutional Convention

On 9th November I flew to Sydney to participate in the NSW Schools Constitutional Convention, which is held every year, to discuss an issue to do with the current constitution. The topic this year was The Senate; its make-up and the powers that rule it.

Along with approximately 120 fellow students, from all different schools, we convened in the lobby of the Legislative Assembly, which is the House of Representatives in the State Parliament. After introducing ourselves we went into the chamber and listened to the guest speaker Anne Twomey, who is an expert in constitutional law for both NSW and the nation.

After this very informative speech we were split into groups to debate the issues on the Senate. Within our groups we came up with our own laws and had to present them to the other groups. These presentations were then used to be the political campaign that we would all work on in a mini referendum. From this everyone voted on who they believed would be best to represent NSW in Canberra.

This was a really great experience and any student who is particularly interested in politics should apply to go next year.
George Gardiner – Year 11

Gardiner George