Welcome to the Welfare Faculty

Our Purpose

At Farrer we promote a positive school culture that fosters student connection and inclusiveness in the day school, the boarding school and the wider community.  The school community identifies itself as the ‘Farrer Family’ where each member has a reciprocal obligation to care for the well-being of its members and to maintain a quality home and school for our students.

The purpose of the school’s Student Welfare Good Discipline and Effective Learning Policy [LINK] is to create an environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place and a climate in which all students can experience a sense of identity, security, purpose, achievement and support.

The policy fosters engagement in learning, sets clear limits, recognises appropriate behaviour and applies consequences for inappropriate behaviour. The policy reflects our school’s values of respect, excellence and fairness.

Our Team

The welfare faculty has a head teacher welfare junior years 7-9 and a head teacher welfare senior school years 11-12. There are six year coordinators who are responsible for supporting the social, emotional and specific needs of the individual students and the year groups.

The welfare faculty is supported by the school matron, school counsellor, deputy principal day, deputy principal boarding and the principal. The school Welfare Committee is made up of these teachers as well as a number of interested and committed staff. This committee meets regularly and is coordinated by the head teachers welfare.

Our Programs

Throughout the year the faculty conducts a range of programs to support student growth and development. These include:

  • Bully surveys
  • Stop I don’t like it I will report
  • Cyber-bullying presentation
  • Colour Level System
  • Community Service Events
  • ROB Roll
  • Farrer Friends
  • Year meetings
  • RUOK (mental health)
  • Meetings of shared concern
  • Year 7 orientation camp
  • Year 11 leadership camp
  • Boarder/day lunches
  • Anti-discrimination workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Motivational presentations

Farrer is home to approximately 360 boarders (with 250 day boys) who call our campus ‘home’ for 40 weeks of the year. Our boarding school is set on 191 hectares of prime agricultural land, only 10 kilometres from Tamworth.

The Deputy Principal Residential is responsible for setting a positive tone in the boarding school, and management practices in the boarding school. The Deputy Principal Residential is a non-teaching position.

Mr David Gale is our Deputy Principal – Residential.


Head Teachers Welfare – Farrer has two Head Teachers Welfare allocated to assist with the welfare of the students. The Head Teachers Welfare are responsible for all welfare-orientated programs within the boarding and day school and to provide leadership for Year Coordinators.

Jones 1w
Mr Tristan Jones – Head Teacher Welfare Yrs 7/8/9
Tel: 6764 8710 or email:  tristan.jones8@det.nsw.edu.au


ColClough Charlie 02
Mr Charlie Colclough –  Head Teacher Welfare Yrs 10,11,12
Tel: 6764 8711  or  email charles.colclough@det.nsw.edu.au


Year Co-ordinators – are positions created out of the need for a “parent substitute” for students, and in particular the boarding students. All year co-ordinators are residential staff (they live at the school). They are a focal part of the school’s welfare network and are part of the colour committee for their years.