Sport & Recreation Program

The Sport and Recreation program at Farrer offers our students the opportunity to participate in a range of activities and experiences outside of school hours. The planned activities aim to be fun and engaging and allow them to spend some quality time with their peers in a relaxed environment. The Sport and Recreation program will provide old and new experiences for the boys to broaden their horizons and ensure variety. The activities will include cinema visits, sporting events, fishing trips and local charity events just to name a few.

The first five weeks of every year is based purely on the Year 7’s to help them to break down the barriers between boarders and dayboys and build relationships that will strengthen throughout their schooling years. The boys become accustomed to the school values and traditions, whilst also becoming comfortable in their new surroundings.

This year Brett Jarrett will coordinate the Sport and Recreation program, taking over from Chris Oxford. Brett, like Chris, is an Old Boy of Farrer so he has a great understanding of the program and hopes to build on what has been done previously to provide as many new experiences for the boys as possible.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding the Sport and Recreation program at Farrer feel free to contact Brett on 0403 980 976 or by email:

Weekend Activities Term 2


Table Tennis

CHS Water Polo

Clive Murray (Year 9)

Year 7 ‘O’ Camp Lake Keepit

Year 7 Fishing – Lake Keepit