Sport & Rec Program

Mr Chris Oxford, Sport & Recreation Officer
Mr Chris Oxford, Sport & Recreation Officer

Term 1 primarily focused on Year 7 settling into the Farrer lifestyle which proved successful. The second part of the term was broken up by the Tamworth Show, Scone Rugby League Carnival and Red Shield Appeal. Activities we managed to do included Ten Pin Bowling, Barraba Pool, Green Valley Farm, Trout Fishing and Kayaking.

Week one saw us take Year 7 to Sheeba Dam for a day of kayaking, swimming and games. With beautiful weather, and fun staff, this proved to be a successful and tiring day for the school’s newest faces.

Week two saw as try our hand at Ten Pin Bowling, visit the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum and have a massive water bomb fight. It is safe to say that the water bombs never last as long as the boys hope but the excitement was certainly at an all-time high.

Week three saw Year 7 complete a scavenger hunt based around Farrer history, notable Old Boys and key buildings. We also to travelled to Barraba Pool to try the Waterslide and 3m diving board. Some of the boys managed to attract some attention from the local girls with Jack P. even managing a number.

Week four was the last weekend for the year 7 program so we made a trip up to Green Valley Farm where the boys tore up and down the giant water slide all day. Turned out to be a very successful day with just a couple of minor bumps and bruises.

After the Leave Weekend we went trout fishing, kayaking, played indoor sport and tried our hand at the Longyard Driving Range.
This term there are activities such as the Kayaking, Fishing, Putt Putt, NRL Game, Lazor Tag and much more on offer.
Help me, help your son become social, physically active and try new things so he can get the most out of his time at Farrer.

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