School Counsellor

School Counsellors are experienced teachers who have a degree in psychology and Post-graduate qualifications in School Counselling.

Counsellors are there to help students and their families with problems that may be preventing them from making the most of their education.

Students may ask to see a School Counsellor if they have any problems affecting them at school. This could include worrying about school work, conflict with friends, being in trouble at school or feeling down.

Parents/Carers can also seek advice from School Counsellors regarding concerns about their child’s emotional wellbeing or issues that may be affecting their learning abilities.

How do I contact the School Counsellor?

Parents/carers, students and teachers are all able to refer a student to our School Counsellor Service. The School Counsellor office is located in the main Administration building at Farrer and students are welcome to visit the Counsellor to make an appointment. Appointments can also be arranged through administration.


What students and their families tell the School Counsellor is completely confidential.
If the Counsellor needs to tell your son’s teacher something they will talk to you first.
The School Counsellor will discuss this with you when you first meet.

The School Counsellor can be contacted on 6764 8712

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