Information for Students

Need some help?

Are you a student who is:

  • Needing someone to talk to?
  • Worried about your school work?
  • Feeling “down”?
  • Often arguing with friends or family?
  • Often in trouble at school?

Is your family:

  • Worried about your school results?
  • Having trouble of their own?

School Counsellors have special training in counselling and their main job is to help students and their families with the kinds of worries listed above.

How do School Counsellors help?

  • Support individual students as they deal with their problems
  • Help teachers to ensure students are not harassed or bullied
  • Work out why some students find it hard to learn and suggest ways to help them
  • Help students and others deal with tragedies or natural disasters
  • Assist students to learn new skills such as:
  • Getting on better with friends
  • Controlling their anger
  • Keeping out of trouble in class


What students and their families tell the school counsellor is confidential.
If the counsellor needs to tell your teacher something they will talk to you first.
The school counsellor will discuss this with you when you first meet.

So what’s it like to see a school counsellor?

The school counsellor will:

  • Explain how they work
  • Listen carefully to what you have to say
  • Help you clarify your options
  • Encourage you to make your own decisions

The school counsellor may also:

  • Help you try out some new ways of doing things
  • Ask you to do some tests to work out why you find it hard to learn
  • Suggest ways to help you learn better
  • Suggest others who may be able to help
  • To make an appointment:
  • Knock on the counsellor’s door or see Mrs Hoad at the Duty Office.

The school counsellor can be contacted on 6764 8712.