Interested in applying for a job or building up your career profile? Missed a Careers lesson on a relevant area? Use the following resources to develop the strength of your application and work related skills.

Resume Template and Tips

Farrer Resume Template [LINK]
Resume Tips and Suggestions [LINK]
Resume Information: Government Employment Related Skills Logbook; Resume Activities

Cover Letter Template and Tips

Farrer Cover Letter Template [LINK]
Cover Letter Tips [LINK]
Cover Letter Tips and Suggestions [LINK]

Interview Techniques and Tips

Job Interview Tips [LINK]
The Five Part Interview [LINK]
Sample Job Interview Questions and Answer guidelines [LINK]
Common Job Interview Questions and Answers [LINK]
Interview Questions to Think About [LINK]
Sample Thank you Letter [LINK]

ClickView Online “10 Things not to do in an Interview” (note you will need your ClickView login to view this video)

YouTube “Job Interview Tips 4 Teens”