Di Hall is our Tamworth District Arts Coordination Officer and towards the end of last year she sent the following report to our school, which we would like to share with our parents and wider community. This article is about two of our students, Stuart McAdam and Jarron McGrane who were  selected from the Department of Education New England Vocal Camp to be members of a Concert Choir called the DoE West of the NSW Divide Wind Ensemble which toured Europe earlier this year.

“I want you to know that your students who participated in this experience were absolutely perfect for the duration of the excursion. They represented their school, family and towns with distinction across 5 countries in Europe over the 12 days. Their behaviour during the long flights was impeccable. They were supported by a supporters group who not only enjoyed their own touring experience but supported the students at every concert we did along the way.

The students made lifelong friends across the 34 schools and added two school visits in Europe assisting young  students with their English language studies after entertaining them with a concert.

The students performed in prestigious venues in Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Hodonin and Prague. Senior students attended a Civic Reception with the Mayor and Senior staff at Hodonin before performing in the St Lawrence Church Hodonin. The whole touring group attended a Civic reception in the Marble Hall in the Mirabelle Castle in Salzburg.

They attended workshops by the masters of their crafts and the results were immediately evident in their performances. They were so receptive to new ideas and music interpretation. Education at its best!

They performed in churches, cathedrals, castles, and schools. Venues which were unique, magnificent and memorable.

The staff became an amazing team whose care and attention to detail in ensuring the safety and health of the students in their care was of the highest quality.

I am sure that the students had many stories to tell. They learned first-hand the history of the countries they visited which included a confronting excursion to Dachau in Germany which they took in their stride with the support of their teachers and parents. They will need to reflect for a long time on their experiences to know what they have learned in every KLA!!

The three Arts Coordination Officers planned this trip over 18 months and were delighted that their efforts came to such a wonderful conclusion. Thank you for your support in this venture giving our country students an experience they will never forget. Their preparation was unique due to the geographical challenges they faced but their performances and their behaviour were world class.

They deserve a standing ovation which they received many times after their performances overseas. They certainly deserve recognition at a local level.”

Di Hall

Stuart had also performed on stage in the Tamworth Musical Society’s production of Mary Poppins (in first semester this year) and was selected to sing in the choir at the state school spectacular.


stuart mcadam in choir in europemcadam s