Last week Mr Graeme Harris attended our weekly assembly to deliver an update on the progress being made in the Cassilis area following the Sir Ivan Fire last month. Mr Harris is an ex Farrer Agriculture Head Teacher and is now involved with the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers  inc. who are behind this project.

The Sir Ivan fire burnt more than 55,000 hectares of land during the worst fire conditions ever experienced in NSW. 35 houses were destroyed by the fire with another 11 damaged. A church and community hall were also destroyed. There were also extensive stock losses, and more than 5,000 kilometres of fencing damaged or destroyed. This is a cooperative relationship between donors, schools and affected farmers.

The aim of the project is to encourage altruism by students who have skills and wish to help in constructing fencing as well as schools and the broader community who wish to assist by fundraising for this project. Mr Harris urged Farrer students to sign up for the Fences from the Ashes program and encouraged them to spread the word to their families and community.

During the assembly Mr Jim Levy, from Calala Rotary Club, presented a cheque for $2500 to Mr John Drenkhahn for the school to put towards the project.

Fencing materials worth $6000 have already been donated by Clipex Fencing Tamworth.

Initial partners: Farrer MAHS, Blazeaid, Clipex Fencing Tamworth, Calala Rotary Club and the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers inc.

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Mr John Drenkhahn, Mr Graeme Harris, Mr Jim Levy & Mr Clint Gallagher

Further information / inquiries

Facebook: @sir.ivan.FencesFromTheAshes

Sir Ivan Fires from the Ashes Project: Graeme Harris 0438 656 692

Cassilis BlazeAid: Brian and Chris Carr 0475 115-899