Senior Debating

The senior debating commenced the season with a debate against Tamworth High. We had just come together as a team and were still finding our groove. The topic for the debate against Tamworth High was; mandatory scripture should be banned from public schools. Our position on this topic was in the affirmative. We went down in this debate, with both teams being quite unsure on how to perform a good debate. It was a nice starting position for the rest of the season with plenty of room for improvement.

The second debate was an away game against the tough Glenn Innes team. The topic of this debate was: Australia should become a republic.  We were in the negative being in favour of the current statuesque. This debate saw a huge improvement from the last debate and concluded with the first and only victory for the senior debating team.

Leading into the third debate against last year’s finalist Duval the teams’ confidence was at a low. The topic was we should ban all photos and videos in the media of terrorist acts.  We were positioned in this debate as the affirmative accepting that there should be a ban. We came out strong in this tough contest with an all-star performance from the first speaker Sam Turton. Through the debate we kept up with the impressive opposition blow by blow where at the end no-one was sure who came out on top. After deep thought the adjudicator awarded the debate to Duval who in his words held the “sway” of the debate. This debate had outstanding performances from all members and marked the beginning of great things to come.

Our final debate in the regional competition was against Inverell High with them having the home court advantage. The team was on a high after their outstanding performance in their previous debate. The Topic was: we should ban drone attacks on specific targets. We were arguing for the negative. Throughout the debate our team performed with distinction and we were unlucky to lose.

We are only a Year 11 team so we can look forward to next year. We have gone from being easybeats to a competitive team capable of defeating the best. Well done to the whole team!

As pictured our team members are: George Gardiner (capt), Jack Poleviak (vice capt), Mackinley Goodwin, Sam Turton, Alexi Collison, Gavin Austin

Article by: George Gardiner

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