Pi Day

During March, Year 7, along with fifty Year 10 volunteers, took part in the inaugural Pi Day which was held in the SMC. The day involved the students being in teams of five and competing in a variety of mathematical and problem solving activities.
The first activity was a timetable challenge where the groups had to complete as many sheets as possible in 20 minutes. This was followed by a jigsaw puzzle where each student was given a clue and they had to put their information together to solve the problem. The final activity, before recess, involved the students working together to solve a variety of problem solving activities which saw students frantically working and delivering their answers to the marking tables.
After recess the students were marvelled by Mr Dodds and his ability to recall pi to 100 decimal places. Following this the students competed in ‘Magic Square Madness’ where the students were given the opportunity to score between three and six points for each magic square correctly completed. The final event was a construction activity where each group was given 15 sheets of paper and a roll of sticky tape; they had to build the tallest tower possible. Some groups were able to build some very impressive towers.
The day concluded with the winning prize being awarded to Team 18 and second prize going to Team 23.
A huge thank you goes to the Year 10 volunteers. Without their assistance the day would not have been able to be run – they did a fantastic job. Thanks also to the staff involved with their assistance on, and leading up to, the day. The day showcased excellent team work and problem solving skills and we hope to make this day an annual event on the Farrer calendar.
Mrs Chambers – Maths Faculty