If you have been onto school grounds recently you would have noticed that there are building works going on everywhere!

In November 2017 a tender briefing meeting was held in relation to the major capital works program to be carried out this year. It was a comprehensive meeting which included a tour of the school site by the four companies which were competing for the contract.

In February 2018 the selection of the contractor for this major capital works project (new TAS facilities and upgraded dorms) was finalised and the successful contractor (Crookes) started work on site in the second week of March.

The installation of temporary demountable classrooms for the TAS block required a crane and several trucks which caused disruption to parking and traffic flow. These demountable units are now operational so please be mindful when driving in and out of this carpark as the top road has traffic both ways.  By installing the TAS demountable units we will be able to open the new TAS block and dormitories (converted TAS block) at the same time.

In addition to this work, our Principal was advised that the roof of several buildings, including the Hall (SMC), would be replaced before the winter holidays. The replacement of the SMC roof is starting this week and it will be good to finally have this building repaired and looking smart again, although restoration of the inside of the building will not occur until later in the year. Other building projects that have been recently completed are:

  • Drama classroom space under the hall, which is very exciting for our Drama students
  • New computer lab, with 30 computers, located in the old Wool Science Room

Our librarian Cathy Ewin is working to redesign the library to make it more accessible and engaging for the boys. The plan has already commenced with the introduction of new shelving and labelling and the computer room in the library has been refitted to accommodate 30 students at a time.

In the last few months we have had several ramps installed, walkways constructed and paths built which greatly improves the flow of students and staff around our school. And, finally, we are laying our 75th anniversary commemorative pavers at the front of our administration block; a long overdue project which will look fantastic and well worth the wait.