Charlie Shadwell a Year 10 boarding student has successfully made it to the top four in the High School/Under Graduates section of the 2016 Lambex Young Guns competition, to be held in Albury, NSW from 10th – 12th August.

Lambex offers an inspiring and insightful look at the lamb and sheep industry in Australia and internationally.  All sectors of this industry come together to ensure it showcases its proud traditions and progression into the future.

Charlie has always been interested in, and participated in the lamb industry growing up in Dubbo, a productive central western New South Wales town. Agriculture is in Charlie’s blood, his great great grandfather invented the Koerstz wool press & his grandfather is in business at PT Lord Dakin & Associates as a Stock & Station agent in Dubbo.

Charlie’s vision for the future of the Australian sheep industry is the whole production chain embracing the available technologies that can improve the quality and quantity of our product whilst keeping production costs down. Charlie said “Each link in the value chain must implement the technologies available to them to ensure that lamb quality fully meets the expectations of the end consumers. When all members of the production chain, from the breeder through to the processor, work together to maximise potential, industry will see a consistent, high quality product that will ensure all consumers have an enjoyable eating experience when consuming lamb”.

Charlie’s interest in the industry is evident: he is a member of the Dubbo Show White Suffolk Team, is a Wool Science elective student, involved in AI and ET programs, Matesel, Genomic Testing, Parentage testing and Worm Faecal egg sampling with the White Suffolk Stud.
Charlie has participated in Rabobank Schools Merino Wether Challenge, is a member of the Farrer Show steer team and has recently become a registered Wool Classer with AWEX.

Charlie has had the opportunity to work during the holidays with Roger and Farron Fletcher, at Fletchers International Abattoirs, in Dubbo.

After the completion of Year 12 Charlie is planning to attend University to undertake an Agricultural degree majoring in Animal Genetics, which he wants to use in his future specialising in Embryo Transfer, Artificial Insemination and as a Genetic Scientist.

At the time of writing this article we have heard that Charlie was awarded a Highly Commended for his presentation at Lambex. Congratulations Charlie!

ABC – Country Hour interview

C Shadwell

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