Jarron McGrane goes to Sydney

State Senior Wind Band
On Friday 31st July I travelled to Sydney to take part in an extensive two day workshop with the State Senior Wind Band.
On the Saturday and Sunday I participated in two 8 hour rehearsals (held in Lewisham) with other musicians, from around the State, that I had never met. I played the tuba for two songs “Bulgarian Dances” and “A movement for Rosa”.

On the Monday morning I went into the city for a one hour rehearsal in the Sydney Opera House. That night we played in the main concert hall. On the second day we had another morning rehearsal followed by the concert that night. On the first night we played “A Movement for Rosa” and on the second we played “Bulgarian Dances”.
I really enjoyed my trip and feel I greatly benefited from the experience.

By Jarron McGrane (Year 10)