Year 10 Commerce students at Farrer conducted a Market Day which marked the conclusion of a unit focusing on business enterprise. Students were required to plan and present a business model which included appropriate costing, promotion and the presentation of a stall where they could sell their products.

Some of the products on offer included fresh chicken kebabs, toasted sandwiches, steak burgers, nachos, hot chips, beef jerky, slices and a variety of beverages. Most items were cooked fresh on the day and presented at specialist stalls. Each class group promoted their product throughout the school using a ‘catchy’ name and presentations at school assembly.

Students were able to keep the profits raised on the day but instead insisted on contributing to aiding in drought relief efforts. The effects of the drought is something that is all too real for many students at Farrer. Many have had to help out on the family farm during weekends and holidays as the demands brought about by the ongoing drought have increased the workload for farmers. Over $1000 was raised in just under 3 hours of business and students opted to donate half of their profits to ‘Aussie Helpers drought relief charity’. The work ethic and determination on display was exciting and admirable. The future for local business looks bright.

Mr Ryan Saban – HSIE Teacher