Fishing at Bingara

On the weekend of 23 August we were able to take 17 willing boys fishing on Mr Oxford’s father’s farm outside of Bingara. The weather was perfect for a day flicking lures into the Horton River.

After a slow start Kyle Stewart and Taine Nash were able to land a healthy cod each, in a small hole away from the group. A BBQ lunch was then cooked with the boys loving the scotch fillet steak sandwiches. After lunch Travis Houghton was able to show off his ability to use set lines landing a large Carp on some left over bread from lunch.

By this stage some had given up and turned to swimming, due to the beautiful weather, but not Harrison Freeman who trekked down river to land another cod in the last 30 minutes of fishing.

It was a great day and once it gets warmer we will be able to take the kayaks out and land a few more cod. Thanks to Mr Dunstan who gave up his Sunday to come with us (sorry you couldn’t land a cod or carp).

Kyle Stewart (above) and Taine Nash with their catch
Kyle Stewart (above) and Taine Nash with their catch

fishing at Bingara 2