Farrer Vegetable Enterprise

Farrer Vegetable Enterprise – Mr Daley’s Year 9 Commerce class
At the beginning of the year we started constructing our vegetable enterprise. Firstly, we set up our Colour bond tubs then added mulch and soil. During this time Mr Daley gave us an assessment task (Starting a Business). We had to decide whether we were going to be a sole Trader, Private Company or Partnership. We also had to evaluate the amount of profit we could made once we’d deducted the cost of set up and planting.

Once the tubs had been set up we began planting a variety of vegetables. Then we watered and watered and watered until the vegetables were ready for harvest. During the time that the vegetables were growing each business had created a Facebook page and made posters promoting their business. Lastly, once the vegetables were harvested, each business began selling their produce to the Farrer staff ‘at great prices’.

As a class we are looking forward to watching the Farrer vegetable enterprise grow and expand with new commerce students having the experience we did.

Charlie Shadwell (Year 9)

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