Engineering as a course of study is introduced in Years 9 and 10 at Farrer. It is mainly ‘hands on’ with students investigating Structures, Mechanisms, Alternative Energy and Control.  Engineering Studies in the senior School is a very successful and interesting course.

Basic concepts are introduced in Year 11 and developed further with Year 12 studying Civil Structures, Personal Transport, Aeronautical Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.

On the 9th August the students in the Year 12 class had an excursion to Tamworth Airport to see firsthand how the concepts in the classroom are put into practice.

The students were taken through the workshops at BAE, Qantas, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Base and AVI Skills (TAFE).

BAE performs basic flying training for Australian defence forces. The tour focused on light aircraft maintenance, control surfaces, and non-destructive inspection methods for aircraft. In the hangar, on the day, we inspected single engine and multi engine aircraft as well as a timber, wire and fabric Boeing Stearman bi plane with a radial engine.

The Qantas hangar undertakes all regular and deep maintenance on the 50 Bombardier Dash 8’s flying in Australia. Under the expert guidance of Mr Stephen Lynch the boys were able to see a commercial aviation hangar, climb inside a stripped out aircraft, climb up to the top of the T tail, and inspect the turbo prop. A visit to the composite workshop was a highlight with a demonstration of how repairs are undertaken.

A tour of the Westpac rescue base allowed the boys to get up close with the twin engine Agusta Westland AW139 craft. Operational and maintenance issues were discussed and this was a very interesting and informative visit with the marketing and maintenance engineer.

AVI Skills is the TAFE Centre that trains aircraft tradesman in structures, avionics or mechanical trades to undertake maintenance repairs on GA, commercial aircraft or military aircraft. There is high demand for tradesman in all areas of the industry.

The day provided the opportunity for our students to see concepts in action to better answer typical HSC questions, the roles of management and the different careers from tertiary to trade that are available in the industry.

Mr Michael Parker, Teacher – TAS Faculty