Our carnival this year was held on Monday 3rd (half day) & Tuesday 4th July, Monday was an overcast cool day, but, Tuesday was a perfect winters day with clear blue skies and warmer than normal weather conditions. Congratulations to all participants. Everyone who attended the carnival contributed to making it a very successful day. Excellent effort by the winners too. Thanks goes to the PDHPE/sports organisers and all the staff who ably assisted, in a variety of tasks, on the day. Good luck to all students who are going to represent Farrer at the North West Athletics Trials.

12 years Champion Nicholas Driscoll (Ma)
Runner Up Coben Battle (Ma)
13 years Champion Joe Bartlett (Ma)
Runner Up Liam Durie (Ox)
14 years Champion Zeb Dillon (Pe)
Runner up Jack Teague (Ox)
15 years Champion Mark Simon (Ma)
Runners up Ryan Hodson (Pe) & Riley Leonard (Ox)
16 years Champion Brad Sadler (Pa)
Runner up Wyatt Smith (Ma)
17 years Champion Cooper Harris (Pa)
Runner up Trent Taylor (Pe)

House Points:  Macarthur 2474   Oxley 2473   Peel 2426   Parkes 2066

15 years Shotput 13.70m Oscar Spinks (Pe)