Ahn Do in Tamworth

On Saturday evening 14th of November Jack Brindle, Ryan O’Sullivan, Sam Orman and I were lucky enough to earn tickets from our amazing drama teacher, Ms Danne Levy, organised by the Learning Support teacher, Mrs Nicole Anderson. The show, The Happiest Refugee, was held at the Tamworth Town Hall and was performed by Ahn Do and his close friend Simon Taylor.

As we waited for the show to start, we discussed numerous ways how we were going to get a photo with Ahn Do – a mission given to us by Ms Levy. Sadly none of these plans were fully thought out and the show quickly began. The warm up was performed by the comedian Simon Taylor, who I was sceptical about because he wasn’t Ahn, but he turned out to be one of the highlights of the night. He told jokes both of faraway misadventures and of Tamworth which really lightened the atmosphere for the show ahead.

Even though Simon was an amazing talent, Ahn really did steal the spotlight. He broke right into his life story which was, at times, both funny and deeply emotional. Ahn cleverly joined these two factors together and really captivated us. He has done many things in life mainly because of his gut instinct and a quote his father used to tell him ‘Give it a crack.’ The start of his performance detailed his family’s escape from Vietnam and the tough life they lived in Australia. But as the performance continued, Ahn set himself to do many great things. He strived to help his family and to make himself truly happy. The whole performance itself was an awe-inspiring and inspirational story. His performance really did show that no matter who you are, whatever you believe in, doing what makes you happy is the best thing you can do.

After the performance our plans to meet Ahn crashed and burned as he had hightailed it straight outta there but we did manage to meet his second in command Simon Taylor. He gave us many tips for our possible acting careers and told us to pursue what we aspire to be.

I also managed to score a signed copy of Ahn Do’s book, The Happiest Refugee and on behalf of the group I would like to thank Ms Levy and Mrs Anderson for giving us the chance to go and watch such a great show.

By Caelan Kaluder

Caelan Kaluder, Jack Brindle, Sam Orman and Ryan O'Sullivan with support act Simon Taylor.
Caelan Kaluder, Jack Brindle, Sam Orman and Ryan O’Sullivan with support act Simon Taylor.