Sam Orman and Caelan Kaluder, Year 12 students were thrilled to receive their HSC results. Both students received a Band 6 in Drama, this is the first time Farrer students have ever achieved Band 6’s in Drama.

These students worked long and hard over a four year period, both represented the North West at the NSW DET Arts Unit State Drama Camp. They have represented the school in the local theatresports competition and have both have been key performers in our school plays, including 2016’s production of ​You Can’t Take It With You.

This is Farrer’s 3rd HSC drama class, building and improving each year.

Sam Orman’s individual project was a monologue of the Roald Dahl’s fierce and bloodthirsty headmistress character from Matilda, Miss Trunchbull. He adapted it from Dahl’s novel, Tim Minchin’s musical and Danny DeVito’s film version of the story. His darkly comic and brutal take on tyrannical education practices was biting in satire, and hopefully in no way a reflection of his drama teacher.

Caelan’s individual project was a script for a short play entitled “The Last Dinner”. He explored issues of domestic and family conflict, as an allegory for the broader conflicts across the world. His three central characters created a haunting critique of fundamentalism in all forms.

Both students were in the same group devised performance, a highly symbolic and physical theatre piece exploring the circular power structures in society, inspired by images from dystopian novels and films, and perhaps some current global political situations. The final piece was sophisticated in structure and allowed all five students to demonstrate excellent performance skills.

For the written exam, students complete two essays, one about Australian theatre and the other about theatre across the world, for which they studied Black Comedy. These essays allowed students to reflect upon the role of theatre to examine Australian and global society to inspire positive change.

Given the collaborative nature of studying drama, all students in the class have worked together, in performances, providing constructive feedback to develop individual work and working closely together in study groups to enhance each other’s learning. All of the students in the class have achieved impressive results, a reflection of their individual and collaborative efforts over the last 4 years of study.

Well done boys, you make Farrer proud of your achievements. Now, as they say…Go break a Leg!

Caelan Kaluder & Sam Orman