The Michael Kilborn Centre was packed to the rafters for our Year 12 Farewell Assembly held on 27th September, with some families arriving more than one hour early to ensure a front row seat.

Family members, and friends, from near and far came to witness the graduation of their son after completing 13 years of formal schooling.

It was a very emotional assembly with heartfelt speeches delivered from students and staff alike which was a direct reflection on the calibre of this Year 12 group. They are to be congratulated on their community and charitable efforts for which they managed to raise $54,000  which included approximately $7000 to purchase their ‘gift to the school’, which is a customised marquee for use at school events. A remarkable achievement indeed!

During the assembly Mr Gallagher presented each student with their graduation portfolio and some received ‘first in subject’ certificates whilst others were awarded special prizes.

At the conclusion of the assembly our Year 11 students formed the traditional guard of honour to send the boys on their way. This was then followed by a light lunch in the Refectory.

Miss Sarah Allen, the Year 12 coordinator, is to be thanked for her dedication and leadership of the 2018 Farrer cohort. Miss Allen is whole-hearted and selfless. She is hard-working and patient and she insists on a standard being met.

Thank you also to all the staff who contributed to the organisation of this important highlight of the school year.

Finally, we wish year 12 every success in the upcoming HSC exams.

Ready and waiting
Fletcher Wells, Acknowledgement of Country
Jock Hoath Year 7
Cooper Harris Year 11
Alex Roseby – Captain
William Clinch – VC Day
Declan Briggs receiving the Nigel Smith Science All-Rounder Award
Charlie Shadwell – VC Boarding
Year 11 form Guard of Honour
Final Farewell